English Lessons with Lawrence

My name is Lawrence and I’m a qualified English language teacher (ESL). I have been teaching for twenty years, both online and in the classroom. I am a native English speaker from England.

About online lessons

One of the best ways to learn a language is to have online lessons with your own personal tutor. Learning online allows for clear communication, complete concentration, and minimum distraction. With one-to-one lessons, the student has the teacher’s undivided attention for the whole lesson, and the teacher is able to hear clearly the student’s every syllable and to see close up how the student is forming words. Teacher and student learn a lot about each other, knowledge which stimulates conversation and builds vocabulary.

With one or two lessons a week, a dedicated student will see steady progress, while those seeking to brush up on their language skills can expect rapid improvement. I will identify and work hard to eliminate your weaknesses. Before long, you will see improvements in your grammar, syntax, and pronunciation; and your confidence will grow along with your ability to communicate.

A note on comprehension
Every day, millions of people send questions and complaints in English to companies all over the world and receive well-written but irrelevant replies. This is because too many employees fail to understand the point of the messages they receive. As your teacher, I will check your deep-level comprehension and never assume you understand.

On a personal note For the duration of your lessons, your tutor becomes a part of your life, someone with whom you can share news, talk about your daily routine, and discuss your plans and ambitions. And sometimes it’s just nice to be able to shut out the world and spend a quiet hour with your English teacher.

So, if you want to advance to the next level, unscramble your perfect tenses from your past, separate your ‘ship’ from your ‘sheep’, or be able to truly understand the messages you receive at work, contact me today for a chat.

Levels and courses

From beginner to proficiency, preparation for IELTS, ESOL, Cambridge and other exams, General English, Business English, Conversation


My lessons cost £20 per hour, or £80 for five lessons paid in advance. This is not expensive for English lessons with an experienced teacher. Many of my students have gone on to command high salaries after investing in lessons with me.


I currently teach on Skype only. You can download the desktop version quickly and easily here.